I have made millions in real estate and crypto currency investments and received 5 figure promotions at work, Lost millions and then made it back again with ease and grace. 


I have drafted and developed government contracts for over a billion dollars worth of major business deals. I have seen first hand how easily and freely cash money flows in and out and in again, in transaction after transaction after transaction.


Money is available to you, it is not a scarce commodity. There is more than enough for everyone in the world. You just have to allow yourself to receive it. I know you’re saying…easier said than done…

My Clients?

They don’t worry as much about money

They are comfortable in checking their banks accounts

They aren’t losing it and begrudgingly paying their taxes or bills

They aren’t struggling to make ends meet to make payroll and then have money left to pay themselves

They invest in themselves and their lives and the growth of their businesses because they know “they” are worth the investment

They don’t get anxious and overwhelmed over having debt

I help them make a mental financial paradigm shift around their beliefs around money.

A mental shift resulting in financial freedom, more time freedom, more quality  time and lots of fun life experiences that show up for them in ways like

1. Consistent 5 figure months

2. Just a sense of calm, knowing, and expectancy around the flow of money

3. More fun in their lives and playful joy around money

4. A nourishing of their spiritual growth and gratefulness

Money is Power and it is ok for women to have this power and not need or want to rely on or wait for someone else for it.

Money helps YOU live the life of your dreams

Take care of your family and friends

Treat them to incredible experiences

Live in beautiful homes and locations

Eat nutritious food

Serve others and give back to your community

Help you keep yourself and family healthy

Donate to your favorite charities

Gives you time freedom so that you can just…breathe

Money just amplifies who you already are…no, it doesn’t MAKE you evil


Look…If you cringe when you hear the money, we’ve got to work on that.  We have to start at the root… to be able to change your conscious and subconscious beliefs you have had around money that are causing invisible obstacles to your receipt and attraction of money into your life experience, so that you can shift your mind…your brain into knowing that

You are worthy of whatever amount of money you desire.

Money can flow to you with ease and grace

You are fully supported in your decision to focus on making more money

Money adds so much value to your life and the lives of everyone around you.

With more and more money you’ll be more relaxed and calm in knowing you have the freedom to live your life on your terms

Doesn’t this sound like YOU?…

*If what I help women do sounds like something that resonates with you… claiming your power, manifesting, shifting and leveling up your money mindset for much much more in life (because not everyone really understands the benefits of this work).

*If you are ready for exponential growth and a life changing breakthrough transformation.

*If you are ready to hit the next level, then the next level and then the next on your financial Goals

This is not going to be a salesy, pushy sales call where you will feel pressured into buying into something you don’t feel is right for you.  Let’s explore where you are right now in your business and where you want to be…

Soul Flow One on One Coaching for Manifesting Millionairess Money Mindset

The Details

Up to 9 - 30-45 minute calls via Zoom (they will be recorded so that you can refer to them at any time)

Unlimited Coaching via Voxer.

Ask me anything and I will respond by the next day except for Sats and Sunday, my time as I make space for myself and family on the weekends, holidays, and vacations. 

Response may be via video, text, or email.

Private Coaching Portal Access

Re-image-in Your business and YourSelf Prosperity Process- Customized for You, Your Business and Lifestyle You desire




$50k Monthly Cashflow Mapping

Meditations and any other training material that I develop for my private clients only

VIP Access to my yearly retreats, workshops, new program products and masterclasses and masterminds that I release during our time together.