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15 minute Wealth and Money Affirmations for Women

I AM Abundant Affirmations and Askfirmations help you program your mind for prosperity, wealth, and attracting money like a money magnet. Play this video everyday for 30 days, at least 15 minutes a day, and see the shift in your financial mindset.

Blessing Your Water Can Change Your Life | Water’s Hidden Power

In this video on Soul Flow with Nichole, I share with you the importance of blessing your water that you drink, shower, and bathe in…it is so important to your overall well-being and the well-being of the planet. Water is easily altered with the sound frequency and intentional energy of your words. Check out the video to see why the nursery rhyme “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”…is an absolute lie! Blessing your water and the water within you can absolutely be life changing!


I had problems with attracting money. Every time some money came in, it went right out. It always seemed like I took two steps forward and suddenly one step back. This made me stressed and anxious. Nichole’s teachings in her workbook have made me understand how to interrupt the pattern of my worrying and anxiety about money. I started meditating and repeating the money mantra; not only does it help me focus, but it also calms my mind. I combined two of the mantras Nichole suggested into one “Debt, Debt, Debt is all paid. Rivers of cash flow to me with ease and grace.” I listen to the I Am Abundant affirmations daily. Nichole’s positivity and knowledge have helped me immensely with my financial journey and the ability to calmly face other life challenges.

Monique G. Senior


Nichole helped me recognized the negative talk and beliefs I had around money during a time that I really needed to shift. I had all of these expenses, payroll, mortgage, taxes and a ton of other business expenses. I kept saying the money is just not coming. Within 60 days of going through the exercises in the workbook and consistent money mindset practice I manifested $64,000 in checks, the first day I returned back to my business after winter break.

Dr. Nitalya Williams

Orthodontist ,

I had resigned from a 13 year career as an engineer in the Aerospace Industry to pursue entrepreneurship.  I learned so much from Nichole’s teachings.  She showed me how to clearly identity my strengths and tap into my next level confidence, so I could just “speak what I desired” in my business and manifest it into reality. By incorporating Nichole’s recommended  daily manifesting practices, I was able to replace my engineering income and increase my client base, generating over $120,000 in the first year of my direct marketing business.

Terese D.

Prima America

Manifesting Wealth Mentor & Business Strategist🌸Attorney 🌸Empowering Entrepreneurial women to Find their Soul’s Power to ManifestWealth🔥💸

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