Nichole Kelso, is a manifesting, wealth and business strategist, for spiritually connected women entrepreneurs.

She is also a lawyer, mommy, wife, singer/songwriter, serial entrepreneur, certified meditative guide, runner..whew, that was amouthful. She shows mamapreneurs like her, how to expand their money mindset, and believe in, then create and achieve, the business and life of their dreams. 

Nichole has done over a “Billion dollars in government contracts with companies like Uber, Lyft, Chevron, Clear, FedEx, and list goes on and on. Her exposure to big business has given her the insight to realize the fluidity of money. Money is just energy that has an ebb and flow like the ocean, hence, it is called currency (current- sea).

Nichole has helped countless business owners in building their abundance in a way that resonates with them

 tapping into their power to making more money, having happier, better lives and getting to the point where they just say Yes to themselves…they know they are worthy, they know they are enough…because there is really room for everyone at the top!

Nichole knows the life of a mompreneur can be hectic. You’ve got a business that you love
and a desire to be a great mom.

She is on a mission to show YOU, through her trainings on money mindset, brand visibility, product creation, outsourcing and more, that YOU too, have what it takes to expand and up level your wealth and life.

You just have to believe it, then marry your belief with strategic, aligned and inspired action.

Nichole shares manifesting techniques that have worked, some for more than 20 years for herself and her clients, and some new ones too, that enable them to align with their desires and bring forth from the spiritual to the tangible, business success, money, homes, trips, cars, loving relationships, even fertility… and just shear happiness and healing

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